Cutlass Red above downed satellite

Technical Service

The Technical Service takes on all the tasks necessary for rescuing disabled or damaged ships. These include repair and refuelling, and less frequently, towing to the nearest space station. If a ship is too badly damaged, the Technical Service helps to penetrate the hull of the ship to rescue passengers who may be trapped.

Due to the nature of their mission, they are not part of the fighting force and are therefore minimally armed and only for self-defence.
The Technical Service often works together with the Recon Service to find and rescue lost or damaged ships.

It mainly deploys ships with a focus on repair and refuelling, such as Argo SRV, MISC Starfarer, Anvil Crucible, Anvil Carrack (if equipped with repair drones), Aegis Vulcan and MISC Endeavour with repair dock module. The mission formats of the Technical Service are CSAR and ESAR.