Medical Gameplay

With Patch 3.15, medical gameplay comes into the game.

In order to achieve a high healing and rescue rate, all CESAR staff should familiarize themselves with modern treatment methods.

Health: Violence caused by accident or intent can damage health. Modern diagnostic equipment can estimate health status and output it on a percentage scale of 0-100. If health drops far enough, the injured person may become incapacitated. If he is not helped promptly, the injured person can be expected to die. This must be avoided at all costs!

If an injured person is bleeding heavily, his state of health is rapidly reduced; in this case, Hemozal must be administered first and foremost to stabilize him!

BDL - Blood Drug Level: Alcohol and drug consumption as well as the administration of medication increases the concentration of active substances in the blood. Overdoses can lead to death - it is therefore essential to keep an eye on the BDL during treatment! The administration of Resurgera accelerates the degradation of active substances; however, it is better to transfer the patient as soon as possible to a tier 3 to 1 medical facility, where a much faster and more efficient elimination of substances can take place.

Diagnosis and treatment: In order to give a patient exactly the help he needs, he should first be examined with a diagnostic device. Here, care should be taken to scan the entire body! After that, the required medication is administered, which has a stabilizing effect and temporarily suppresses impairments caused by injuries. If there are any injuries, the patient must be taken to a medical facility appropriate to the severity of the injuries.

Observe the BDL when administering medication!

Diagnosetools und Medikamente

Curelife Paramed
The ParaMed from Curelife is a device for the professional: Comprehensive diagnosis of the patient with precise output on a display coupled with automatic or manually set administration of all drugs. Since the amount of active ingredient can be set precisely, the patient's BDL is kept as low as possible.  Pens are not required.